Jaimie Weber presents work they are doing at Middle Ground to help malnourished children in Haiti
Middle Ground (formerly Espwa Berlancia) is an organization committed to the fight against malnutrition in Haiti. With their inpatient malnutrition center, partnered alongside their ongoing sustainability programs, they are working with families to create lasting solutions for those affected by poverty and malnutrition.
Denouncing the lie that an orphanage can provide better than a family, they exist to partner with caregivers to discover the resources that they need to provide for their children and preserve their family unit. From supplemental malnutrition recovery to ongoing sustainability, uniquely tailored to each family, they will join them in the fight against poverty and malnutrition and remind them that hope still exists.
By affording Haitian parents with the knowledge and the empowerment to take hold of their future and their children's health, and walking with them on their journey, they strive to assure each one that they are worthy and capable.

Anyone passionate about children's health, click on the link and donate to help fund a CPAP for premature babies 💙