Apr 30, 2019 7:00 AM
New Member: Nancy Totino

I was born and raised in the GTA and moved to Stratford in January 2011. When presented with the option to move back last year I realized that Stratford feels like home and is the place I want to be. I enjoy the artsiness, spirit, and vibrancy of this city and I have made amazing friends here. I share my home with my 2 fur babies; my dog Gazooo and my cat MeeShee. 

Singing is one of my passions. I take voice lessons at Laurier Conservatory, I am a member of an A Capella choir (we placed 2nd in Michigan this year), and I am very excited to be starting lessons with local artist Dayna Manning in September. For fun I also play in a local volleyball league, play squash, learn tennis, and I wander through the forest on hikes for hours. What I lack in physical coordination and athletic skill, I make up for in enthusiasm. ;)

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I have a love for making things pretty. In a previous life I was a freelance graphic designer. I am now a real estate investor. I currently own 31 rental units in Stratford and surrounding cities. My passion is taking old buildings that are in disrepair and making them into warm and inviting places that people would be proud to live in. This was born out of my own frustration with finding a rental to suit my needs, coupled with my interest in interior design. My dream project is to complete a factory or school restoration and conversion.

I have never been part of an organization like Rotary so until now my giving and service has been in an informal capacity. My niece Kayla has severe autism and global developmental delay so in her honour I have raised several thousand dollars for Autism Speaks and National Service Dogs. I also spent some time volunteering at "band jams" where I would "rock out" with adults with developmental delays.

I have a desire to help people so I am looking to return to and amplify my volunteer work. I hope that joining Rotary will enable me to do so while also continuing to build meaningful relationships in Stratford and beyond.