Guests:  Pat Ferrin is from Stratford Rotary.  Jason West is a guest of Jack West and Tyler Canal is a potential new member.  R.E.S. Marina Bruschi from Brazil.


Rotary Duties: To see who is doing what in upcoming meetings click on “Duty Roster” on the home page.


Coming Events:  The upcoming events are listed on the left side of the ebulletin.


Draw Prize: Bill Helmuth donated the prize won by Lynn Bowering.



  1. Bingo: Volunteers are reminded that the Friday night bingo begins at 5 PM.


  1. Youth Project Donation Boxes: Please return your donation box at the Dec 21 meeting. The donations need to be counted before the year end.


  1. Board of Directors: The next meeting is Dec 15 at Lynn Bowering’s condo.


  1. House of Blessing: Donations will be accepted at our December 21st meeting.


Club Assembly:

Kent Chisholm, the fundraising coordinator, indicated that the Heritage B&B Home Tour will earn between $1400 and $1700. Advertising costs this year were only $85 because the Stratford Tourism Alliance absorbed most of the cost.


David Harvie gave us a tour of the ClubRunner website at

David is asking everyone to login and edit their personal profile. When logging in you will need to create a password.  To do this, click on “I Forgot My Password” and create your own password. Your username is your email address. You do not need to fill in all that is asked for on the profile page. If you do not have a photo of yourself in your profile you can upload one here.

Spend some time exploring the site.