The Rotary Club Of Festival City

President:  Dianne Yundt

Minutes of the meeting of April 16, 2013

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Guests: Harry Brightwell is from Stratford Rotary. Wade Phibbs is our guest speaker.

Door Prize: Deb Stacey-Rivers donated the prize won by Linda Jones.

Dinner of the Month Draw: Mike Burns won a dinner for four at Raja.


  1. Board Meeting: April 18 at the home of President Dianne.
  2. District Assembly: Anyone attending the assembly and wanting a ride should contact Dianne Yundt. She will be leaving from her home at 8:15 AM and returning about 3 PM. The assembly is on Saturday April 20, 2013 at Medway High School 14405 Medway Road Arva. A PDF file showing the agenda has been forwarded to the membership.
  3. Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI): Parts 1, 2 and 3 will be offered at this training session taking place May 4. Reserve a spot by signing up online.
  4. Bingo: The next Bingo is Sunday May 12. Volunteers are needed. Sign up on ClubRunner or contact Vince Hill or Jack West.
  5. Rotaract Banquet: It is confirmed that the banquet is Wednesday May 29 at the Arden Park. Tickets are $40. It is hoped that all members of Festival City Rotary will be able to attend. Rotaract is a joint venture of Festival City and Stratford Rotary Clubs. Tyler Canal has tickets for the event beginning at 6 PM.
  6. International Plowing Match: Several members of the club have volunteered to work the gates at this event in Sept.
  7. President Elect Training Session (PETS): Bill Helmuth and Brian Rivers attended the two day session in Sarnia. They reported that Rotary membership in the district dropped from 2200 to 1900 over the last four years. Only 20% of the clubs showed growth. The average club size is 22 members. The work of one club is quite impressive. The growing Grand Bend Rotary Club has a project collecting school furniture, books, and other supplies and packing them into shipping containers. The containers go to schools in South Africa. Each container costs $5000 to fill and ship.
  8. Zehrs Sales Tapes: Linda Jones continues to collect Zehrs tapes. Please pass on tapes to Linda. Tapes can also be kept and bundled into $1000 bundles before passing them to Linda.

Guest Speaker: Dianne Yundt introduced Wade Phibbs from Stratford General Hospital. Wade has been an X-ray technologist for 26 years and for 22 years worked at Victoria Hospital in London before coming to SGH. Wade has seen X-rays change from developing in chemical baths to the digital X-rays we have today. Wade also spoke about the new MRI machine at the hospital. The waiting time for an MRI in Stratford is as short as 16 days to 3 weeks. Waiting time in Stratford is the shortest in the province where the average time is 90 days. The machine is operational in the evenings now, attracting patients from across the province. A music system was donated for use of patients lying in the machine. The music helps drown out the load sounds made by the machine. The fundraising campaign is close to its goal with only $200 000 to go.

There have been recent changes in nuclear medicine as well. A new CT scan machine can take 8 slice scans in one pass as opposed to 1 slice per pass 20 years ago.

Radio isotopes of various types are used to form images. The isotopes are injected, inhaled, or ingested. They are designed to migrate to a particular body part. An image is then made of the part as the isotope gives off the radiation. After such a treatment patients are told to stay at home and not to come into close contact with people until the radioactivity declines which may in a few days or a few weeks.

Wade was thanked by Sam Theocharis.