The Rotary Club Of Festival City

President:  Dianne Yundt

Minutes of the meeting of June 25, 2013

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Guests: Bob Martin is from the Stratford Rotary Club. Candace Riehl and Marissa Izma are the guest speakers

Door Prize: Dianne Yundt donated the prize won by Etienne Leushuis.


1.     The 2013-2014 Board of Directors: Incoming President Bill Helmuth presented a list of directors which was voted on and approved.

Bill Helmuth – President

Brian Rivers – President elect

Deb Stacey-Rivers – Vice President

Linda Jones – Director at large

Kent Chisholm – Director at large

Tyler Canal – Public Relations

Dianne Yundt – Past President and Rotary Foundation

Randy Matthews – Club Secretary

Etienne Leushuis – Treasurer

Jack West – Club Service

Brandi Gillet – Club Administration

2.     The 2013-3014 Budget. Treasurer Etienne Leushuis proposed that the budget he mailed to the membership be approved. The budget was approved. Etienne indicated that our dues are the lowest in the District. Of the $11 fee per meeting $9 is for food+tips+taxes. The remaining $2 pays for gifts and RI givings.

3.     Meeting Change: The meeting normally scheduled for Tuesday July 23 will be replaced by a goodbye party for Leticia on Monday night July 22. It will be a potluck event starting at 6 PM. The venue will be announced soon. Leticia will make a video presentation of her cross-Canada trip.


Guest Speaker: Dianne Yundt introduced Marissa Izma and Candace Riehl. These Stratford natives represent the organization “Same World Same Chance” based in Zambia. Marissa along with Stratfordite Kimberley Hurley are the cofounders of SWSC.

After graduating from Laurentian University Marissa travelled through Southern Africa. It was while passing through Zambia on the way to Malawi that Marissa decided to stay and help the community of Kibombomene in the northwest part of Zambia. She has been there for five years. Two years ago she was joined by Candace Riehl who travelled there after her graduation from Queen’s University in nursing and psychology. In a country of 13 million people Marissa discovered that only 8 in 100 children receive any kind of schooling. Schooling is not free after grade 7. It is difficult to attract teachers because most do not want to live in remote areas with no running water or electricity. Through the efforts of SWSC the first class of 18 girls is about to graduate from grade 7. The school has obtained the services of an elderly teacher and two local members of the SWSC board also teach. It is hoped that a boy’s class can be started this year but that will require another teacher and facilities. Through the fundraising efforts of SWSC rudimentary buildings, school furniture and staff quarters have been built. Staff quarters is required for teachers since Kibombomene is too far from other communities for commuting.

Most people in the community had never received any kind of health care. Some nursing assistance is beginning to become available in the community.

SWSC has started some small scale farming to provide food for the school and community and other projects to help raise funds for SWSC. Women sew bags from local fabrics for sale. The bags are available in Treasures in Stratford. SWSC has received some help from a local Canadian copper mining company. Some embassies have contributed as well. Most donations come from individuals. The Alberta Gospel Outreach is the agent for SWSC and can issue tax receipts. SWSC currently operates on about $15000 per year but needs $25000 or more to adequately address the needs in the community.

For more information and to make a donation to SWSC visit  The website has many photos of Kibombomene and the work of  SWSC.

Candace will be riding in the Ride For Refuge event in Waterloo on Oct 5 to help raise funds for SWSC. Any bike riders who wish to register to ride or make a donation can visit


Contact Information

Marissa Izma


Candace Riehl


Donations can be made online

at Canada Helps


Or type in AGO (Alberta Gospel Outreach), in the search for a charity tab.

Click View Profile (for AGO)

Under Fund/Designation (drop down menu), select Same World Same Chance


Or Donate by Chq

Cheques can be written to AGO (Alberta Gospel Outreach) with Same World Same Chance in the memo and sent to this address:


Candace and Marissa were thanked by Tyler Canal.