The Rotary Club Of Festival City

President:  Dianne Yundt

Minutes of the meeting of October 2, 2012

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Guests: Geza Wordofa is from Stratford Rotary. Randy Matthews is a guest of Bill Helmuth and Jordan Lassaline is a guest of Elizabeth Anderson.  Mark Roth, Daryl and Janice Nyenhuis are guest speakers.

Draw Prize: Linda Jones donated the prize won by Etienne Leushuis.


  1. Rotary Leadership Institute: The next training session, all 3 levels, is in Stratford on Nov 17. See President Dianne for details.
  2. Fundraising Committee: Meets Thursday Oct 4, 7 PM at President Dianne’s home.
  3. Stratford Basketeers: Donna Hinz announced this year’s campaign to raise funds to fill baskets. Any donations will be gratefully accepted over the next few weeks.
  4. Dinner of the Month Tickets: Tickets for the 2013 draws are available for sale. Get your tickets from Tyler Canal.  The price is the same as this year. $20 each or 6 for $100.


Guest Speaker: Ken Hansen announced that this is Vocational Month when he introduced teacher Mark Roth from Northwestern Secondary School. Mark is responsible for coop and apprenticeship programs with the Avon-Maitland School Board.

Mark said that there are four paths to a high school diploma, the traditional college and university streams but also workplace and apprenticeship programs. Mark brought with him two former students who have profited from apprenticeship programs. Daryl Nyenhuis is apprenticing as a carpenter and his sister Janice is working towards certification as a hair stylist. Two other siblings in the Nyenhuis family have apprenticed as a plumber and an electrician.  Both apprentices were very pleased to have been able to pursue interests that are more hands on than the traditional high school streams. It was working in the school shops that generated Daryl’s interest in pursuing a trade. Job shadowing in grade 10 gave Janice the idea that landscape gardening and hair dressing were interesting options for her. She later focused on hair styling and hopes to be certified within the year.

Mark pointed out that more students should be encouraged to pursue the apprenticeship route through school as there is a need for skilled workers in various trades.

The three speakers were thanked by Carol Rock.