The Rotary Club Of Festival City

President:  Dianne Yundt

Minutes of the meeting of September 18, 2012

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Guests: Geza Wordofa is from Stratford Rotary and he brought a guest Rian Schaefer. Rob Leitso is a guest of Dianne Yundt. Leticia Figueiredo is our Rotary Exchange Student from Brazil.

Draw Prize: Anna Sherwin won the mystery prize donated by Sam Theocharis.

Dinner of the Month Draw: Heather Galloway of Stratford won this month’s dinner for four at Down the Street Restaurant.


  1. Board of Directors Meeting: Sept 20, 7 PM at the Yundt mansion, 522 William Street.  Committee reports to be given to President Dianne.
  2. Pancake Breakfast: A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this year’s event a big success. Financial numbers are not in yet but it appears that there were more customers than last year to enjoy the pancake breakfast. The cooler temperatures helped with coffee, tea and hot chocolate sales.
  3. House of Blessing: Just a reminder to bring a non-perishable food item for the food bank.  President Dianne read a letter from the House of Blessing thanking the club for our continued support of the food bank.
  4. Rotary Banner:  Leticia presented our club with a banner from her sponsoring club in Brazil.
  5. Dinner of the Month Tickets: Tickets for the 2013 draws are available for sale. Get your tickets from Tyler Canal.  The price is the same as this year. $20 each or 6 for $100.


Guest Speaker President Dianne introduced Geza Wordofa who gave us an update on his work in Ethiopia. A slide show and video presentation showed the work Geza is doing during his visits to villages in Ethiopia with his wife Nicole and young son. Villagers have limited access to potable water. Three hour trips with a donkey carrying water jugs is required to bring a small quantity of water back to the village. Due to limited water supplies washing and bathing are infrequent.
Geza’s efforts involved getting wells drilled in the villages to provide water locally.
On his visits Geza distributes sports equipment such as soccer balls, Frisbees, footballs and shoes to village children. 
Geza thanked us for our support and encouragement. He has been doing volunteer work for the Red Cross, the United Way and the Salvation Army. For two weeks last summer he worked in Goderich assisting with relief work following the tornado. He has also created a multicultural centre in Stratford.

Geza was thanked by Jean Aitcheson.