The Rotary Club Of Festival City

President:  Dianne Yundt

Minutes of the meeting of April 30, 2013

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Guests: Rotary Exchange student Leticia Figueiredo

Door Prize: Brandi Gillett donated the prize won by Peter Moreton.


  1. Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI): Parts 1, 2 and 3 will be offered at this training session taking place May 4. Reserve a spot by signing up online.
  2. MS Walk: Carolyn Dingman announced that our club is entering a team for the event taking place May 5. The walk/run starts at Central High School. A pledge sheet was circulated for anyone interested in sponsoring the team.
  3. Bingo: The next Bingo is Sunday May 12. Volunteers are needed. Sign up on ClubRunner or contact Vince Hill or Jack West.
  4. Music and Opera Appreciation: The club received a thank you letter from the organization for our donation to their fund raising activities.
  5. Polio Plus: President Dianne announced that the Canadian government is donating $250 million to the Polio Plus campaign.
  6. District Assembly: President Dianne attended a break out session at the assembly on the topic of “Water and Sanitation”. RI is considering water as the next big international project after the Polio Plus campaign winds down. Dianne also suggested that water can be conserved at our meetings by placing a jug of water on each table instead of glasses of water which is mostly unused. Some clubs in the district have a water projects chairperson. Any club member wishing to take on the position in the FC club should talk to President Dianne.
  7. House of Blessing: The club received a thank you letter from the charity thanking us for our donations.
  8. Rotary Social Evenings: The first one will be at the Rivers home on May 28. It will be a “Wine and Cheese” evening. Bring your favourite cheese with a short description of the cheese type.
  9. Rotaract Banquet: It is confirmed that the banquet is Wednesday May 29 at the Arden Park. Tickets are $40. It is hoped that all members of Festival City Rotary will be able to attend. Rotaract is a joint venture of Festival City and Stratford Rotary Clubs. Tyler Canal has tickets for the event beginning at 6 PM.
  10. Makeups: Club members who miss meetings can keep their attendance up to date by informing Vince Hill of Rotary associated activities they have participated in. Activities could include social events, attending committee meetings and fundraising events that have a connection to Rotary.
  11. ClubRunner 3.0 The ClubRunner software is undergoing a major revision transferring it to a cloud based system. Over the course of the year changes will be introduced making it easier for us to change the look of our homepage and bulletin.

Guest Speaker: Kent Chisholm stepped in to replace the scheduled speaker who cancelled due to illness. Kent presented a short video of the Rotary International Convention held in Montreal in May of 2010. It was apparent from the pictures that the FC Rotarians who attended the convention had a wonderful time. Over 54000 Rotarians were in attendance. It wasn’t all business as entertainment included choirs, Celtic Thunder, and Cirque de Soleil.

The 2013 convention is in Lisbon Portugal June 23-26.