The Festival City Rotary Club held the event on April 4, at the Army, Navy, Air Force Club.
Jean Aitcheson, the spaghetti dinner committee chair person assisted by Rotarian Jeff Lausten draw the first 50/50 ticket.
Rotarian Sandy Iredale helps prepare Caesar salads.
Rotarian Dianne Yundt and chef Susan Exnor prepare Caesar salads
Pasta chefs Brian Rivers, Sam Theocharis and David Moore
Pasta chefs Peter Moreton, Sam Theocharis and David Moore sweat over hot stoves.
Bill Helmuth helps with the never ending washing up at the spaghetti dinner
Left is Franklyn Hinz and Rotarian Donna Hinz enjoying a fine pasta dinner
Rotarians Bob Shannon and Marjorie Brownlee serve three kinds of pasta sauce.
Servers Julian Piwowarski and Brandi Gillett